CNBC: Millions of counterfeit N95 Masks seized by DHS

CNBC reported Wednesday that the Department of Homeland Security had seized approximately 11 million counterfeit N95 respirators. These seizures occurred over weeks and were conducted as part of Operation Stolen Promise, which began in April by homeland security with the purpose of snuffing out Covid-19 related fraud. (CNBC, 2021) Expect these seizures to continue. Click HERE or on the URL below to get the full story from CNBC.

UPDATE: DHS has seized 1 million more counterfeit masks on Thursday.

Fake N95 Masks are Going to the Nation's Capitol Wall Street Journal

WSJ: Millions of Fake N95s are Going to the Nation’s Capital

The COVID-19 Pandemic has made protective equipment buyers wary of fake items reaching the medical market. Often there have been reports of faulty and counterfeit products that have put healthcare workers at risk. This issues has been prevalent for a while, and in the month of September, it was found that approximately 13 million counterfeit face masks had been sent to Washington D.C. This further proves that there needs to be action by government officials to incentivize manufacturers to make in America and healthcare services buy American goods.


“What we are seeing is, no big surprise, a lot of counterfeits rolling through those supply chains,” Brenda Smith, who heads CBP’s Office of Trade, said in an interview. (WSJ, 2021) 51% of the materials that were seized originally had come from China. (WSJ, 2021) This should prompt US lawmakers to rethink strategies on sourcing for protective materials. Why should we trust foreign manufacturers to import fake products when we can make high quality materials ourselves in the United States? Click HERE to read the full article or on the URL below.