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CNBC: Millions of counterfeit N95 Masks seized by DHS

CNBC reported Wednesday that the Department of Homeland Security had seized approximately 11 million counterfeit N95 respirators. These seizures occurred over weeks and were conducted as part of Operation Stolen Promise, which began in April by homeland security with the purpose of snuffing out Covid-19 related fraud. (CNBC, 2021) Expect these seizures to continue. Click […]

CNBC: New Administration Pushes to Buy More American Goods

President Joe Biden hasn’t been in the President’s office for a week and he is already pushing for the government to buy more American made goods. CNBC reported Monday that Biden announced that he would sign an executive order patching loopholes in existing ‘Buy American’ provisions (CNBC, 2021). This Order will begin Biden’s initiatives to […]

The Demand for Higher Quality PPE Standards

Nurses are still struggling for access to adequate supplies for PPE. Not only are supplies shaky, but the quality of the protective equipment is also in question. Forbes also takes the conversation a step further by suggesting that the standards to protect healthcare workers by modernizing PPE standards. This article, written by Brent D. Lang, […]

WSJ: US Fails to Hit PPE Supply Targets

In May, President Trump set a stockpile goal of 300 million N95 respirators for healthcare workers. In November, the stockpile was less than half of that goal at 142 million. Even more concerning is the Department of Health and Human Services lack of planning for distributing protective medical equipment around the country. The White House […]

Nursing Homes Are Once Again Hit Hard by PPE Shortages

Greenville Business Magazine is reporting astonishing data on Coronavirus outbreaks in South Carolina nursing home communities. By the second week of November, there were 3,882 cases and 1,500 deaths among South Carolina nursing home residents.  This crisis is not secluded to just South Carolina either. Nationally, 91,000 nursing home patients have died since November. (Kaiser […]

WSJ: The Strain of COVID on Hospitals

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that around the United States, hospitalizations are continuing to rise, particularly in the North Central, Southern, and Midwestern areas of America. Hospital capacity is rapidly filling for hospitals as the number of COVID-19 patients continues to rise. While new cases are always followed by new hospitalizations, this scenario is […]

Congress Passes Bill to Support American Made PPE

The Pilot News reported that Indiana Representative, Jackie Walorski (R-Ind), developed a bipartisan bill that passed unanimously in the House of Representatives on September 23rd. The new legislation will boost the production of American made PPE by overhauling the Strategic National Stockpile to reduce, and eventually end, the dependence on China for medical supplies. Congresswoman […]