WSJ: The Strain of COVID on Hospitals

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that around the United States, hospitalizations are continuing to rise, particularly in the North Central, Southern, and Midwestern areas of America. Hospital capacity is rapidly filling for hospitals as the number of COVID-19 patients continues to rise. While new cases are always followed by new hospitalizations, this scenario is very different than past virus spreads. The ability of the virus to infect younger victims unknowingly creates the ability to spread to older people undetected. Randall W. Williams, director of the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, says that new cases are occurring at everyone’s favorite family events; “What we are finding is the disease is being spread in gatherings; family gatherings, weddings, holidays, and is being spread by people who know each other.” Read the full story from the Wall Street Journal by clicking HERE or on the link below:

Beshear to Close Bars, Limit Indoor Dining for Two Weeks Starting July 28

Governor Beshear announced today that starting at 5 pm tomorrow, all bars would be closed down and restaurants would revert back to 25% capacity indoors for the next two weeks. Read the rest of the mandate here:

Kentucky Governor Beshear Mandates that Face Masks Must Be Worn in Public

On Thursday Kentucky Governor Beshear ordered that all Kentuckians have to wear face masks or face coverings in public places starting July 10 at 5 PM. Any questions you might have can be answered by this FAQ from WLWT5, a Northern Kentucky news organization.

COVID 19 Update: Midwest Region

Check out this update from WBEZ on the Coronavirus’s most recent impact on the Midwest Region of the United States. It is our mission to readily supply businesses in this region the proper protective equipment to mitigate the risks of conducting business in this new reality we face every day. Thank you, WBEZ, for keeping us up to speed!