There’s Still a PPE Shortage – and a Second Wave Could Send Medical Workers into Crisis Mode

Great article from the Boston Globe that details how critical the PPE shortage still remains. There is no doubt that this shortage is affecting thousands of hospitals nationwide, so everyone needs to remain safe.

California Requires Face-Coverings as Some States See Daily Record Cases

In response to the rise of Covid-19 cases in many states this past week, California has mandated that its citizens must wear facemasks or face-coverings when in public. Could California be the first of many to enact this restriction?

Anthony S. Fauci: ‘We are still in the first wave’ of coronavirus

Dr. Fauci of the Coronavirus Task Force, and  Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, was interviewed today by the Washington Post and stated that the US is still in the midst of the first wave of coronavirus.

Remember the N95 Mask Shortage? It’s Still a Problem

The rise in new cases of Coronavirus the past two weeks in states that were beginning to reopen is a very worrisome indicator that this pandemic is still ongoing. Despite the lack of news coverage since March and April, there is still a severe shortage in PPE. However, now there are shortages in faceshields and […]

Customers Dealing with Delays as Local Mask Startup Faces Growing Pains

It’s not easy to run a startup mask producer, especially in these hectic times. Read how a small mask startup in Austin actually had more trouble delivering masks than manufacturing them.   Customers Dealing with Delays as Local Mask Startup Faces Growing Pains Customers dealing with delays as local mask start-up faces growing pains

As Canada Reopens, the Search for PPE Consumes Company Resources

Looks like Canada is running into the same sorts of problems the United States has when it comes to PPE shortages. While bigger companies are able to work to find PPE through their own global networks, smaller companies are paying incredibly high prices for even the smallest amount of PPE.

What We Know About Face Shields and Coronavirus

A great article from the Wall Street Journal covering all you need to know about face shield’s rise in popularity. Spoiler: you’ll be seeing them around for while longer.      

COVID 19 Update: Midwest Region

Check out this update from WBEZ on the Coronavirus’s most recent impact on the Midwest Region of the United States. It is our mission to readily supply businesses in this region the proper protective equipment to mitigate the risks of conducting business in this new reality we face every day. Thank you, WBEZ, for keeping […]

House Briefing: COVID-19 in Nursing Homes ‘Blasted the Doors Open of a System that Was Already Failing’

Legislators on the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis listened to scathing testimony from witnesses and then took turns assigning blame for the Federal Government’s failure to protect nursing homes from COVID-19. One thing is very clear: nursing home residents and workers must be protected to the fullest extent.   House Briefing: COVID-19 in Nursing […]

Nursing Homes Run Short Of COVID-19 Protective Gear As Federal Response Falters

NPR reports that around 20% of US nursing homes have a PPE shortage. We must make sure the most at-risk portion of the population remains safe.