Universal Medical Supply

Our Story

America In Pain.

When the global pandemic hit, Americans were in dire need of PPE. Despite the urgent demand, it was nearly impossible to find even the most basic equipment. When Americans did come across the scarce opportunity to purchase PPE, it often came with significant baggage: delays, tariffs, and faulty material. This exposed a desperate need in the US: domestic PPE manufacturing.

Where We Came In.

Our team quickly set out to help onshore America’s PPE supply chain and protect our citizens. We identified Louisville, KY as a strategic landing spot and recruited several industry veterans to join. Shortly thereafter, Universal Medical Supply was formed. Within months, our state-of-art manufacturing facility was primed to produce millions of high quality, American masks.

Our People.

The Universal Medical Supply team is a diverse group composed of people from many industries and schools of thought. Despite our differences, there is one mission bringing us together: protecting Americans. Our team prides ourselves on using creativity and experience to satisfy our customers’ needs while bettering the health and wellness of our nation.