The Demand for Higher Quality PPE Standards

Nurses are still struggling for access to adequate supplies for PPE. Not only are supplies shaky, but the quality of the protective equipment is also in question. Forbes also takes the conversation a step further by suggesting that the standards to protect healthcare workers by modernizing PPE standards. This article, written by Brent D. Lang, Chairman, President and CEO of Vocera Communications, Inc., argues that the standards for PPE currently in place are not doing enough to protect frontline workers. And the numbers suggest he isn’t wrong.

According to the CDC, more than 216,000 healthcare workers have been diagnosed with Covid-19, and 800 have died from the virus as of November 16, 2020. Sadly, more deaths are expected and feared. Responses in a survey of New York City medical residents revealed that 60% believed their personal protective equipment (PPE) was suboptimal. (Forbes, 2021)

“We need to take a battlefield approach and ensure those on the front lines have the essential tools and technologies needed to win the war on Covid-19.” Mr. Lang goes on to say legislative initiatives matter just as much. “And we need Congress to make greater commitments and investments now to empower workers today with available technology that will help save valuable time, PPE, and lives.” Read the full article below by clicking HERE or on the URL below: